Strong: Having the power to effect change.
Secure: Able to withstand great force or pressure.

Strong and Secure, two concepts that while aspirational, also describe our true state of being – as we are all both stronger and more secure than we might imagine. No one can give someone something they are not, but one can assist another in discovering what they are.

“Living strong and secure. There are many different kinds of strength, and security can come in many forms. Living strong is about having the strength to put our values into play and behave in a manner that validates what we believe without needing the appearance of success from the world. True security comes, not from persisting in the belief that we can control all outcomes, but from believing we can still persist regardless of any outcomes.”

We are often led astray and find ourselves believing untruths. We can adopt beliefs that separate us from our own capacity to effect change, and we can be drawn into fearing change. When in truth, we can influence and withstand far more than we often realize.

This blog site is intended as a repository for writings that highlight and illuminate our innate capacity to live in a strong and secure manner. I hope that visitors leave better than they arrived.

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~ Christopher Boyer

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